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Conservation Fundraising Moose Licence Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Conservation Fundraising Moose Licence?

A: The Conservation Fundraising Moose Licence is a single resident moose licence, set aside for a New Brunswick non profit that represents the hunting and fishing community. The non-profit organization is allowed to sell tickets as a fundraising activity and the winner will be able to buy a moose licence, subject to the same rules as any other resident moose hunter.

Q: How will the successful non-profit organization be chosen?

A: The non-profit can submit a request to the Minister, asking for consideration. The organization must be incorporated under New Brunswick’s Companies Act, must be a non-profit, and must represent the hunting and fishing community.

Q: How do I enter the raffle?

A: After an organization has been selected, the Department is not directly involved in any fundraising activities. For more information, please contact the organization selected to raffle this year’s Conservation Fundraising Moose Licence. This year, the organization holding the fundraiser is the New Brunswick Wildlife Federation.

Q: Who is eligible for the raffle?

A: To be eligible to win, you have to meet all the requirements of a regular resident Moose licence. You have to:

  • have your principal residence in New Brunswick;
  • be at least 18 years old;
  • have successfully completed Hunter Education and Firearms Safety;
  • and have an Outdoors Card Number.

Q: How can I get an Outdoors Card Number?

A: You can register for your Outdoors Card on the DNRED website.

Q: Can I have a designated hunter?

A: Yes, you can. The rules for a designated hunter are identical to the rules for a designated hunter under a resident licence.

Q: What if I win a licence through the regular DNRED draw?

A: You or your designated hunter cannot hold two moose licences in a single year, so you will be unable to win the Conservation Fundraising Licence. The non-profit will verify the winner’s eligibility and, if you’re not eligible, they will draw another name.

Q: Is there any way a person could hold two moose licences in a single year?

A: No. It is illegal for any individual to hold more than one New Brunswick moose licence, of any type, in a single year.

Q: If I’m successful, how do I buy my licence?

A: The non-profit organization will contact you to collect more information, including the WMZ where you would like to hunt. Two days after the organization receives your information, your licence will be available for purchase. You can buy your  licence online, at a vendor, or at any Service New Brunswick location.

Q: What if I’m unable to hunt after winning the raffle?

A: Similar to a resident moose licence, the conservation fundraising moose licence is not transferrable and can’t be carried over to another year. The rules for the two licence types, including transfers, designate hunters, etc. are identical. If your name is drawn and you are eligible, but unable to hunt, your licence will be unused.

Q: How is the fundraising money being used?

A: The intent of the raffle to help a New Brunswick non-profit, representing the hunting and fishing community, to raise  funds. The money is intended to support promotion of the sport and to encourage safe and ethical hunting and fishing  practices.

Q: When will the raffle take place?

A: The winner of the Conservation Fundraising Moose Licence raffle will be selected after the DNRED moose draw. This  will ensure that no individual may hold more than one moose licence in a single year.

For more information, please contact Nathalie Michaud, with the New Brunswick Wildlife Federation, at hunterbabe.nm@gmail.com.