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The Master Angler program is aimed at promoting and recognizing recreational angling efforts in New Brunswick by adults as well as youth.

Anglers who fish in NB waters may send in their entry form to apply for a Master Angler Award. There are 20 qualifying fish species.

Available each year, is one “Record Fish” winner per fish species (based upon size and weight.) Non-winning Record Fish entries may still qualify for other prizes. The entry form has additional info, rules, and a section to fill out details of your application.

The program is sponsored by the New Brunswick Wildlife Federation. The NBWF hopes that the program will serve as a vehicle to promote sport fishing in the province and encourage the use of a sustainable natural resource by using friendly competition among anglers of all ages.

The purpose of this program is:

  • Conservation
  • Recognize and reward exceptional angling skills
  • Provide year-to-year outstanding fish record
  • Comprise an official NBWF Master Angler Record Fish List


NBWF Master Angler Program and Entry Form…