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The following summary of old resolutions has been provided by Richard DeBow, Past President and Life Member of the NBWF.

New Brunswick Wildlife Federation – Past Resolutions 


That more game refuges be established, properly guarded.

That the sale of big game, game birds and trout be prohibited.

That moose be protected until their heads have 10 points.

That no special licence be issued permitting the hunting of deer in September, and that the season for hunting moose and deer open at the same time.

That only salmon licences be issued non-resident fishermen for streams frequented by salmon and trout at the same time.

That while a close season is favoured on partridge, no decision be arrived at until after the result of the present mating season have been ascertained.

That bear be made a game animal and protected part of the year.

That no fur buyer’s licences be issued to non-residents and the cost of such licence be $50.00.

That a closer check be kept on fur buyers.

That timber leases contain a clause prohibiting all cutting about the edge of lakes or streams, except for browing purposes.

That this Association go on record as opposed to the erection of another dam by Frasers Limited on the Tobique.

That a Game Commission be appointed, without pay or politics.


That this Association go on record as strongly opposed to a continuous open season for netting salmon passing up the Saint John River through York county from the 15th of May until the end of July.

Mr. Tufts, Chief Federal Migratory Bird Officer for the Maritimes reported that in 1922 he sent to the Cains and Nashwaak R and collected 26 mergansers. Stomach analysis of 26 birds showed 86% of valuable fish. Mr. Tufts felt that blanket permits might be issued on the waters where the shell-drake do most damage.

Resolved to remove the close season on Mergansers on the Miramichi, Restigouche, Nashwaak, St. Croix and Saint John Rivers.

That the Association recommend the open season for plover and yellow-legs be made to coincide with the opening date of the duck season, provided, however, that similar changes in the regulations respecting the open season for said birds be made in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. (This had also been recommended by Mr. Tufts. The season opened Aug. 15th).

That bird shooters be charged a licence of $2.00 a gun.

That grouse and partridge be protected for at least 2 years.

That a Game Commission of non-political business men be appointed to administer the Game Act, employ permanent wardens upon merit only, at a decent living wage and have control of the registered guides. The Commission to act without remuneration.

That the holders of bird and big game licences be compelled to return the same at the end of the season with a report on the back thereof of the bag taken during the season.

That failure to report be penalized by the refusal of the department to grant a licence to the offender on the following or any other year.

Passed at the Executive meeting Feb.24, 1926

That a Game Commission be appointed (as above).

That the appointment of game wardens be taken out of politics, and that wardens be appointed on the basis of experience and ability. Moreover that the number of wardens be reduced and a higher wage be paid to competent employees.

That more game refuges be established.

That the sale of big game, game birds and trout be prohibited.

That moose be protected until their heads contain 10 points.

That only salmon licences be issued to non-resident fishermen for streams frequented by salmon and trout.

That grouse or partridge be protected for a period of 2 years.

That bear be considered a game animal and protected from December 1st to September 14th, but that bear be killed at any time when doing damage to stock.

That a closed check be kept on fur buyers and the law enforced by cancellation of licences.

That an effort be made to enforce the law requiring that the holders of game licences return a report of the bag taken during the season and that a guide conducting a non-resident be held responsible for compliance. (Into law)

Passed at the AGM Sept.3 at McAdam Junction.

Same Game Commission.

Same Wardens.

Same Game Refuges.

Same Sale of game.

That there be a close season for 2 years on moose and the non-resident deer licence be $25.00.

Same non-resident salmon licences. (into law)

Same Grouse protection 2 years. (into law)

Same bear be a game animal, but protected from April 1st until July 1st.

Same fur buyers.


That this Association go on record as unalterably opposed to the leasing or selling of public lands or waters to private individuals for sporting purposes.



The Association prevented the exclusive leasing of unleased public waters.

That timber leases contain a clause prohibiting all cutting about the edge of lakes or streams, except for browing purposes.

Semi-annual Meeting Mar.26

Same Game Wardens.

Same Game Refuges.

Same Sale of Game.

Same Game Commission.

That this meeting go on record as opposed to the leasing by the Provincial Government of the Crown lands and Crown waters of this province to private individuals for recreational purposes, but, that so far as the salmon waters in the province are concerned, in view of the value of commercial fishing and lack of protection at present afforded under Government control, it would be inadvisable to open all of the waters of the Restigouche and Tobique to the public at present.

AGM Sept. 19


No Resolutions.


Report on Salmon Conference held in Ottawa on Feb. 27.


That the season for moose not open earlier than October 20th and that the 10 point law be modified to exonerate a man shooting a 9 point moose.

That there be an open season on black bellied plover in New Brunswick from September 15th to October 15th.

That the open season on ducks, geese, brant, coots, gallinules and rails on salt water in Saint John and Charlotte Counties, south of Route #1 highway, be made to conform with the open season on islands in the Grand Manan group.

That the Association support the following fishing regulations on the Miramichi River:

1. The weekly closed period be extended to 72 hours.

2. That drifting not be allowed inside the former line drawn from Tabusintac to Point Escuminac, NB.

3. That no set or drift nets be allowed in Miramichi Bay, ot its drifting area before June 1st.

4. That all set nets be taken up on August 15th and that no extension of time be granted for either drift or set nets.

5. That drift and set nets not be allowed for the first 2 weeks of July.

6. That the fathomage for drift nets be decreased to 500 fathoms.

7. That not more than one drift licence be issued to one person and that the licence not be transferable.

8. That no licence be issued to a person not holding a previous licence.

Same Game Commission.

Same Game Sanctuaries. Proposed Fraser Co.’s lease on the Upper Otnabog and the Northwest Miramichi.


That the closed moose season continue.

That deer season be October 1 – November 30.

That the bear bounty remain as is.

That the grouse season be the month of October.

That wardens be employed for full time, to be uniformed and to be employed on merit only.

That the bass season be April 1 – October 15.

That the pulpwood drives resolution of 1040 be forwarded again.


That the moose season remain closed for 1946.

That the deer season be October 1 – November 30.

The new regulation is 1 doe and 1 buck or 2 bucks. Resolved that is go back to 2 deer of either sex.

The Association notes with concern that several changes in the Game laws have been made without considering our studies or recommendations, therefore we request in future that before changes are made, we be given an opportunity to express our views on the matters.

Cormorants nesting in large numbers in different areas was reported. The association requested Department of Fisheries to carry out a yearly kill of these birds through their coastal patrol boats in order to reduce their numbers. It was reported that these birds are now seen all along our rivers, many miles from the coast, while a few years back none were seen at these locations.

That fish wardens be employed from April 1 until after the spawning season. That it be a full time job paying a good living wage comparable to any other kind of work of this kind. That they be given uniforms and pass examinations. That they be retained on duty regardless of any change in Government.

It was noted that striped bass fishing in Grand Lake was becoming poorer each year. Resolved that Department of Fisheries be requested to make an investigation as to the reason and take steps that they reach to spawning grounds.

That there be a closed season for beaver for 1945-46.

Sunday hunting. The was no action, although there was considerable discussion.


It was suggested that by personal contact and educational methods, branches could bring poachers to a better way of living.

Members to take a pledge to aide by forestry, game and fishing regulations, It to be included in the forest travel permit system.

That the moose season be closed for 1947, and that moose ticks be studied.

That the deer season be October 1 – November 30, instead of September 15th, and that the bag limit be 2 irrespective of sex.

That there be an open season on pheasants.

That there be rigid enforcement of black salmon regulations regarding the use of barbless hooks and observance of legal limits, There were complaints about the North shore area.

(Membership was 7500-8000.)


The Department advised that in 1948 our membership cards would be recognized as a woods travel permit.

That the deer season open October 1, not September 15 and that the limit not include 2 female deer.

That a non-resident be limited to 1 deer.

That the salmon limit be 4 per day or 20 per week.

That non-resident licences be raised 50%, other than Canadians.

That guides be re-registered at a cost of $20.00 per member and that they be sworn in as fish, game and fire wardens.

That biologists be hired.

That otter trapping season be October 1-31.

That young hunters 12 years and over be allowed to hunt if accompanied by a parent or guardian (if a member of NBF&GPA).


That the limit for deer be 2 deer of either sex.

That the non-resident limit be 1 deer.

That there be a 5 day season for pheasants, with a limit of 2 cocks.

That Department of Fisheries publicize convictions for fishing offences.

Ducks- A survey showed a slump in 1946 and a levelling of in 1947 with improvement in 1948. There was no excuse for increased seasons or limits.

Riparian Rights

That the provincial government begin a program for making all streams and waters in New Brunswick open to the public for fishing privileges, along with the cancellation of all fishing rights on old grants, making it illegal to sell land along a stream thereby prohibiting access to the streams by the public for fishing purposes.

That it be permitted to hunt with beagles under permit.

That the government have annual fish and game tournaments, and that there be more films on sporting subjects.

That there be an education campaign with the best essay on game conservation and $100.00 in prizes.

That .22Cal. be banned for big game and it be rigidly enforced.

Presidents Report discussed hunting under the influence.

He stated that salmon brought $.20 per lb., while the sports fishery brought $1.00. He wanted to establish additional rearing ponds and hatcheries.


That the limit be 2 deer of either sex for resident hunters and 1 deer of either sex for non-residents.

That the pheasant surplus be released.

That there be no further leasing of waters in the province, The fishing licences would replace monies lost.

That wardens have a suitable uniform.

That the trout season end the day after Labour Day.

That there be publicity of prosecutions under the Game and Fisheries Acts.

Presidents Report – he noted the sports fishery was poor due to low water. He was pleased there was a short open cock pheasant season. You members of the association are not cooperating with wardens. You could help them greatly. It is your game the violators are taking.

Membership 2000.


Question as to the Head of Tide on the Restigouche.


21 resolutions passed. The President worked in establishing the Head of Tide on the Restigouche. He referred to safe hunting.

The Association received a Pheasantry Grant from the Province of New Brunswick.

The Association was still issuing Forest Travel permits.

In Moncton there were weekly sports broadcasts and a Sportsmen’s Show.

Chatham Branch had a natural history Museum.


The Constitution was printed with advertising.

Last year’s resolutions – foxes and coons were taken off the protected list. A wildlife survey was being considered. Wardens are to be issued uniforms ASAP.

Leases – The size and extent of some leases was cut down. The upset prices were raised, 125 miles of streams and 48 lakes were removed from leases and now open to the public.

We should educate the public to be good sports, by setting good examples, to respect the farmers= rights, leave things as you find them.


That salmon angling open May 1st not May 24th on the Upper Saint John River.

To reduce bounties and investigate the system.

To open an Hungarian Partridge season.

That trout angling open April 15th and close September 15th, province wide.

Minto draglines – level off stripping operations.

Rejected – to open duck season Sept. 15th. A report was being conducted by the Department.

Directors Meeting

That 10 miles of each branch of the Upsalquitch be withdrawn from lease at the 1953 auction. To be handled by rod licence.The pheasant season be as is. Closed in Northumberland and Charlotte counties.

That this Association go on record as opposing all leasing of fishing waters, and that all water now under lease not be leased again when the present leases expire. Unanimous.


The President visited the Miramichi Salmon Advisory Council.

Wildlife Week was April 6-12.

There was discussion about the leasing of fishing waters and the sale held on March 13. It was proposed to withdraw 10 miles on the Upsalquitch and on the Restigouche from Soldiers Pool to the Kedgwick River. The upset price was $9000.00 and not bid in. It was to be reduced to $5000.00 for re-sale on April 2nd.

Major General Ganong resolution – That this Association go on record as opposing all leasing of fishing waters and that all waters now under lease not be leased again when the lease expires. Carried unanimously.

Campbellton branch wanted to establish the head of tide, Considered Morrissey Rock. They also protested the lease of Stretch No.1 on the Restigouche.

Woodstock proposed to open the duck season September 15, not October 1.

Sunday fishing – The NB Guides Association proposed that it be abolished. Unanimous protest of this proposal.

Maritime Wildlife Federation. There were 2 meetings on the Abegweit.

Farmer-Sportsmen Relations – No Trespassing signs were being posted in greater numbers. The president urged cooperation with farmers and respecting their rights.


The President reported on meeting with the Department on Dec. 12, 1951. We were able to obtain sizeable concessions with regard to leased fishing waters.

There were Saint John and Miramichi River Advisory Councils on Salmon Fisheries.

Decrease in branch memberships. No branch can stand still – forward or back.

Guest speaker at the Maine Fish and Game Association.

Memberships – 13,000, 8000 badges issued. 1950 – 8119 members.


Directors Meeting

Leasing of Fishing Rights – The auction is in March. Protest from Campbellton – NW Upsalquitch. The Secretary to write for a list of leases to be sold.

Complimentary licences to be curtailed to a minimum.

Sunday Hunting – no one present was in favour. On record as definitely opposing Sunday hunting.