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One of the most important activities that the Federation undertakes each year is the presentation of resolutions to the appropriate government authority for consideration.

Each year branches/clubs of the NBWF submit resolutions to the Chairman of the Resolution Committee for consideration of the membership at the Annual General Meeting.

These resolutions are requests for appropriate government departments to create or amend existing legislation or regulations that the Federation believes will encourage the wise and sustainable use of our natural resources and their resulting habitats. In some cases these resolutions are also aimed at creating or increasing opportunities for hunters and anglers while maintaining basic conservation principles.

These resolutions along with NBWF positions put forward to the various government departments and agencies are used to formulate policy and you will find these policies in the NBWF Conservation Policy Manual. In addition you will find the government response to some of these resolutions where they were available. The last portion of the Manual contains Resolution Procedures and it is expected that proponents of resolutions will abide by the conditions as put forward in this section.

The NBWF Conservation Manual is a “work in progress” and as such amendments will be made and so it is important that you refer to the website in all cases to ensure that you are working with the most recent document.

Finally, this Manual is password protected and should you require access to the Manual you will have to request the password which will change annually.

If you have any questions or comments on these resolutions contained in the « NBWF Conservation Policy Manual » please do not hesitate to contact us.

View resolutions in the NBWF Conservation Policy Manual here…

You can download « Adobe Reader » for free to view the policy manual.